Add the ability to upload to subfolder


Looks like a great utility, but I'd like a way to more easily specify a subfolder for uploading. Imagine I have the following structure on Azure:
    Folder1 (contains thousands of blobs)
    Folder2 (contains thousands of blobs)
And on my local system I have:
    Folder1 (contains thousands of files)
    Folder2 (contains thousands of files)
and I want to only upload to "Folder2". The only way I've figured out to do this is:
  1. Select "ContainerFoo" as the container.
  2. Locally select "FolderFoo" via "Pick Folder"
  3. Manually exclude the thousands of files in Folder1. This step is slow.
I guess a preferred alternative would be for the app to allow creation of folders and upload directly to a folder.

I know that "folders" are just a convention for separating path names at slashes on Azure and S3, but it's still a really handy abstraction.